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Solutions to translate the language.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Solutions to translate the language.
Almost two weeks I experienced a prolonged stress, only because the task of visiting schools that are not completed on translating the language, maybe that's a very embarrassing moment of my weakness.

How not to stress, other friends are almost done, whereas my own is also not yet finished third.
I was actually suspicious of my friend, since we are equally stupid, but my friend could quickly complete the task of the school.
Apparently, after I asked, my friend is finally open your mouth too, and he gave advice to me to use the services of Translation services, which the company could help us in terms of translating various languages according to what we want.

Well, after hearing the explanation of my friends, finally I did not waste this great opportunity, and every few minutes directly step on the gas, leading to an uncle's house, happened in that house there is a computer that can be used for online on the internet.
And it is true, after I go to Translation services, I could just solve my problem so far makes me dizzy and stress, because I'm the type of person who does not have the ability to translate languages.

Thanks to the help of my friends are finally at my school many students who are interested to join in Translation services, maybe if my count there are 13 students who are interested in what I have ever done.
How, not easy.

Okay, if you are interested please direct them to Translation services, and if you have other experiences please share with me via the comments box.
And if you have a criticism, please also shared, because it's your right.
Thank you.


GEMINI June 17, 2010 at 12:49 AM  

kayaknya kenal deh,baunya,hi,hi,hi :b: :d:

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